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Zip code:518049
E-mail:  [email protected]
TEL:     0755-83632951
FAX:     0755-83632951-801

TEL:    0755-27343996
FAX:    0755-27335480


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Our inventories are imported from abroad first-hand with wide range of brands and models according to the latest domestic market needs. The units are in excellent condition and guaranteed after-sale service which reduce your 30%-90% costs.
During these years we have provided all types of electronics enterprises, technology companies and research units abundant products and perfect technical support by our sufficient inventory, honest working attitude, professional technique. However, we will insist our belief in ?Precise Honest Convenience Swift?to reward our old and future customers.
Note: We have started sale of WELLT QWA-5A/QWA-3A Quartz Watch Analyzer .
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Kebijia Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. 版權所有     粵ICP備17011879號-1  

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 TEL: 0755-83002732,83632951 FAX: 0755-83632951-801

 TEL: 龍生13809869609,0755-27343996 FAX: 0755-27335480

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